Mombucha Brews Culture and Community in Brooklyn, One Sip at a Time

The floor of Rich Awn’s car was sticky. The year was 2005, and he was lugging bowls and bottles of the kombucha his mom made regularly in their New Jersey house to his college apartment in Massachusetts. "I was fully addicted to her kombucha at that point," Awn tells the Voice. "I had made up my mind that drinking it all the time was why I wasn’t getting sick.But transporting the fermented beverage was becoming a nuisance, and when friends started refusing rides due to the slightly sour stink emanating from his car’s carpeting, Awn did what any healthy addict might: He started brewing his own kombucha for personal consumption. A move to Brooklyn and five years later he started brewing professionally, and with his mother’s blessing Mombucha was born.

Beautiful and VERY detailed article on our operation. 

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